About me & this blog

Why I started writing this blog... 

Playing the market is like playing the rubik's cube - some do it systematically, some do it intuitively, some keep searching for the right moves and never got anywhere. 

I began exploring the financial world in year 2010, hoping to get out of the rat race and be financially independent. 2010 was the aftermath period of the Lehman crisis when a pretty shaken up market was struggling to recover. On hindsight, that was the perfect time to catch multi-bagger stocks should I be a veteran or at least had some basic knowledge of picking 'gems' then.

The very first stock which I bought was ComfortDelgro, which I have divested to much regret. It was a gem indeed but I had missed its climb (through year 2014-2015). There was also Oceanus which has sunken to the abyss of the ocean before I could cut loss in a timely way. From the time I have graduated, the closest I got in learning about finance was piggy banks and an economics module in the NUS days. So I self-taught financial literacy by reading financial blogs and related books... and of course tested-water with various investment instruments as practical lessons.

This blog is where I pen down and share my thoughts on the sg stock market, investment strategies, personal finances and some life lessons. Please do not take all my words in the blog too literally as I try to make sense of complex things here for myself and others. Do exercise your own discretions on the utilization of any information provided here, as I would not be liable for any loses incurred as a result.

Who am I 

A plain Jane next-door who holds a salaried job, who is thankful to be living in Singapore, who is still finding the x-formula to live life to its fullest.

I love blog-reading to learn about investing methodologies and lessons (or mistakes) which books often don't teach us. Through blogging, I hope to sharpen my web and writing skills. Sometimes, I would go out of my hermit shell to see the world (see my travelogue blog).

My guiding principles...

Value in actions - does something I choose to do create value for myself and for others?

THINK before speaking

If you like my posts feel free to share and click on my blog ads. If you have a blog to share or would like to exchange links. please drop me a message on any post and I will reply the soonest I can.


"If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability." –Henry Ford

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