Wednesday, 30 September 2015




1. 这是不是个必须品?
(如果没有这个, 有其他更好或更便宜的代替品)

2. 这东西实用和耐用吗?

3. 这东西我会每周使用吗?



Monday, 28 September 2015

Blue chips in red sea

My premonition of STI breaking support in June turned out to be true, just that I didn't anticipate the big plunge. :(

STI is on average down 25.1% from it's all time high this year. 8 counters have gone down 30% or more from their all time high. All counters suffer price decline with the only exception of SATS.

I did not go digging up each business's net profit/loss. Interested to go blue chip shopping yet? Then you could perhaps look up on the business profit/loss and maybe the dividend yields for those that interest you.

And once again the advice here is - don't catch a falling knife.

*Correction: STI was down 26.2% when CapitaLand is factored in instead of Singapore Exchange (repeated lines). 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Thoughts about Financial Freedom part II

Previous: My thoughts on Financial freedom.

Financial freedom is defined as having the passive income so that you do not have to work or can choose to work to sustain your current needs and lifestyle. The key word is PASSIVE. This is usually the case when one invest sufficiently in businesses and have enough savings to generate a hefty sum of interest from bank or whichever source (ok... 'hefty' is pretty subjective here).

As I thought about financial freedom, I have these questions popping into my head:

Is it possible to achieve financial freedom in Singapore on retirement by relying on our good o' CPF and good o' HDB flats?
Aiyo... retirement age is getting older and older.

Or can we achieve financial freedom solely through investing? Then we won't have to wait till the gov-dictated retirement age...

Or perhaps... can we depend on our children / spouse as a source of passive income when we choose to retire?

How much money do we need for maintaining financial freedom now or into the future, factoring in yearly inflation?

What would be a realistic time frame to set for ourselves?

I am still trying to find my answers.

To some people, it is about working very very hard for many years, invest smartly and diligently then rest and be lazy later in life.

Then the FF non-believers would say "Aiya stop worrying and planning lah. We should just enjoy what life throws at us, YOLO" - spend the money, work when it runs out and then repeat the process.

Really there is no so-called a right answer.


Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Home Growth Fund - Nikko AM review

This is the very first fund I bought to test water 3 years ago. No RSP is subscribed. Here is a quick review on how it's doing.

When started: Year 2012
Price: $1.05 per unit

Received dividend payout ONLY twice (3c per unit) from purchase to date. Thereafter, I was told by Nikko AM that the dividend is being reinvested into the fund after I feedback to POSB on the lack of dividend payout when the fund annual report says there's dividend (why does it seem like coins dropping into an endless depth with no echo at all...).

Current price: $1.13 per unit (highest $1.31)

Annualized return: 0.2% (T.T)

Those bluechips that make up the fund are all dividend yielding, but the fund unit price growth is far from the yields. What does this mean?

As we all know bond prices fluctuates very little and the stability comes in getting the yield. There's a component of ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund. Assuming the yield gets reinvested then shouldn't the number of unit holdings increase with years? Maybe the fund manager's units but certainly not MY units (which remained the same throughout).

Even though it's components are not all from STI, but it mirrors. Diew....

Needless to say.
No more POSB or Nikko funds for me.

More information about Home Growth fund here:

Time or money?

When we can't fill our stomach, substitute time for money.

When our basic needs are fulfilled, then we should substitute money for ME TIME - go for a holiday, go shopping, gaming, upgrade your skills, read on self-improvement, investments etc.

In life we always need to find balance. (We can talk about 

Maslow's hierarchy of needs in another post.)

When we find ourselves selling ourselves, our souls and our precious time to money,


Take a break and think. 

My new book from Book

Ordered 'The five rules for Successful Stock Investing' by Pat Dorsey on 17 Aug. I saw that this book was highly recommended by a few finance bloggers and have personally borrowed it from NLB previously. The book was sent out 19 Aug (BD will email saying that item is on the way) and I received it on 3 Sep. The book came nicely packaged in a carton box-like parcel.

Quite happy with the purchase experience overall except the late delivery (website says to SG is 5-9 working days but I have waited beyond that duration).

There's no delivery charge, so what you see on the website is what you pay. No hassle at all.

Price wise is reasonable too and may be cheaper than what we could get at local sg bookshops. (I couldn't find this Pat Dorsey book anywhere in the local mall bookshops and I saw Kinokuniya is selling at a higher price than BD.)

Shall find time soon to read it again in more detail and dig out more 'gems' from it.

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