Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Angry Birds chatter

After waiting and waiting, I have FINALLY bought my new android phone - Samsung Galaxy S Super clear LCD. =D At a bargain! It costs me only $98 after the $100 Singtel voucher discount (just too bad Starhub, your marketing tactic and prices failed to attract me). Got a fairly good monthly price plan too with corporate discount in place. *Beam*

It is indeed a whole new world of experience. Now my phone is becoming a more important gadget than my computer because it is not only useful for calls and sms anymore - it simply encompasses everthing! Task alarm, cool games, surfing, reading references, watching videos, listening to music... Brilliant conveniences. Only a bit troublesome to have to keep charging due to the high power consumption and I am still trying to get use to the Qwerty keypad. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the Andriod Swype is REALLY cool. That's another reason to why I am not getting iphone despite all that hype going around.

One game app that I must really commend is Angry Birds. It is one popular game that my colleagues have been crazy about and I only get to play it now.

Other than being free (on android), cute and fun, it is really simple to play and has got good graphical effects that made it more addictive then it seems. All that physics behind the projectile momentum and the graphical effects of the kinetic reactions triggered by the catapulting of funny-looking birds are worth marveling at. Although seriously I must admit it can get me quite angry and frustrated at times when I couldn't figure out the right angles to shoot to get those darn green pigs. Green pigs? If you don't know this game, you must have thought it is absolutely absurd. Well, players like me might have found it hilarious, especially when it smirks at you when you fail the level. Oh please don't ask me why green pigs because I haven't any clue either. What's more amazing is they even got the Season versions for it!

Bill gates, Steve Job, Mark Zuckerburg... Angry Birds founder next? Haha.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Online tool - Savings Calculator

Here is a link to the Savings Calculator that is useful for one to calculate compound interest earned.

However, the limitation of this is that it assumes same day length for every month. Some interest are calculated by the bank on an accrued-daily-interest basis and each month length vary so the interest amount reported by your bank may vary slightly with this.

Nevertheless, this is able to give you a quick calculation and estimate of how much interest you will earn with your regular saving deposits in X years. Happy calculating! :)


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Failing the tango... the stop-loss logic

I have failed in my stocks lesson... Despite still remembering what Mr Hu Li Yang said from Money Weekly and what I wrote in my previous entry - Knowing when to 'breakup' with your stock.

Stop loss at 10%, stop loss at 10%, stop loss at 10%... darn.

Bad news (market, earning growth...), multiple "black crows", issu-ing of bonus shares, and other technical indicators are some signals of imminent price drop.

However, many of us are over-confident in our stocks. It is not easy to let go - greed and disillusions often over-ride rational decisions. I wonder when is it considered too late...

To sell at 20% gain or do a selling-up to garner slow profits. That is the 2nd part to the lesson.

The problem is - the tango seems to be one-directional thus far.

One important thing I have come to realise is - learning to harvest is just as important as learning to stock-pick. It's just like picking the right seed to plant, then watering it daily, then harvest before it starts to rot.

It takes years of skills and experience to do as what Uncle8888 says:"Make hay while the sun shines and also pull out the weeds."


The market also got "shaken"

STI has fallen to 2,951.07. Market outlook is not at all optimistic following Japan's major earthquake. Although Singapore is far, but companies with investments in Japan would be impacted more or less. I am seeing many reassurance news popping up by such companies.

1) SPH now at $3.85, is this going to be a support?

2) Bakertech has managed a rebound from my predicted support point at $0.30

3) Capmallasia hits new low at $1.73, Capitamall seems a safer ground

"Do not attempt to catch a falling knife" - so I decided to stick by this practice, wait and see if market would stabilize or get worse...

As compared to making small market losses as market turned bleak, it is really nothing compared to those who have lost their home and families in the recent disaster. Be glad that we are safe and living in peacefulness. If you are Singaporean reading this blog, donations to the Japan Earthquake can be made via Red Cross, refer to link -


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thoughts about Mistakes - learn your own

People often boast about their achievements, profits, gains but how many people can you find out there who publish their mistakes and reflections? Not many, it would be fortunate if you can read one. Why? Because they would rather appear like gurus so that you will visit their blogs more and believe in what they say, duh! Besides, people don't like to read laments and people get turned off quickly by negative things.

However, from another perspective, knowing of others' mistakes would give you a more realistic view of how things are and hopefully come to a realization that not everything is 'a bed of rose' - without having to go through it yourself.

Of course, the flip side is that whatever reflections you have read would be HIS and not YOURS. As a Chinese proverb says "if the knife doesn't cut your flesh, you would not be aware of pain". It is sometimes a little difficult to have an understanding of others' mistakes without experiencing it yourself. Start early, start small, do what you know not, pay some school fees to the market...

And remember to always learn from your own mistakes, keep a diary of them. Don't tread on others' mistake (if you are fortunate enough to come across), and most importantly, don't tread on the past ones of your own!


The surprising truth about what motivates us

This is a video about what are the motivating factors in work. Traditionally, it should be monetary reward. Interestingly, this video claimed otherwise. After watching this video, sit down and really mull over it, seems that what the video says actually make sense. Motivation is less about the monetary reward especially of those involving more complicated result-oriented tasks but less mechanical tasks. So what is the true motivational factor for you? Think about it.

The 3 motivating factors mentioned are (my input in blue):


Although too much could be deemed as 'bad' in our traditional workplace... Who likes their bosses breathing down their neck anyway? But too much autonomy would it mean that the task might end up not being performed to expectations or to become misaligned to the corporate goals.

The best solution to this might be to become your own boss then.

Mastery & making a contribution

When you perfect your skills in the process and wow people with your creation, it gives you a sense of satisfaction. That's inarguable.

The video says that people pursue mastery and do certain tasks willingly for little or no money. Could it be that using ($$) reward to motivate work, people get stressed up and as a result find their task less enjoyable, which in turn lead to poorer performances? On the other hand, if a task is something that you enjoy doing, naturally mastery becomes your motivation and ultimate objective.


Purpose is a much generalized idea. I supposed 'purpose' got to align with one's personal values in order to serve as a motivation factor. One must first agree with the purpose of an organization in order serve its purpose well.

Of course doing things with purpose in mind save us from going round in endless circles and
also from frustrations.

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