Sunday, 3 September 2017

Random talks and thoughts II

When I have gotten tired of being a shepherd (dog), what do I do?

I go back to being a sheep! meh...

Perhaps I will get more satisfaction by giving my wool then running a round barking at naughty sheep. Most importantly, what's put on my plate seemed more attractive. *cough cough*

Seriously don't mind being a sheep as long as my shepherd is good.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Random talks and thoughts

Person A: If (paint a beautiful picture), then you can (do what I want)?

Miss Logical: If it is something that is NOT happening now and may not happen in future, how can I do (what you want)?

IF is based on the assumption that something may happen. Excuse me, but I am talking about the situation NOW.


Person A: When (paint an ideal scenario), then you can (do what I want)?

Miss Obstinate: Err... how is that different from just now the 'if...' that you said?
Ok nevermind, so WHEN that happens then you tell me to go and do ok?


Person A: I will give you A, B, C, D... (dangle candy).

Miss Tell-me-now: *roll eyes* Yeah that only happens now when I want to say goodbye.
Thank you but no thanks.


Sunday, 23 July 2017

When patience is essence

Don't over-analyze news but they are good to know.
Price movements and trends are not for show.

Every blues chip has its prime.
Albeit all at different time.

Waiting and waiting is no fun.
We shall see when will the bull cease its run.


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Why I don't play in overseas stock markets

Despite home biasness and possibly missed opportunities by only investing in SGX stocks, the big deterrent for me to dabble in overseas stock markets are the additional costs of trading and holding the foreign exchange's stocks. See

Trading commission + nominee service fees (custody fee, admin charge etc) + FX fee + withholding tax on dividends

And of course... I am just too lazy to monitor other markets. If I want foreign market exposure, buy shares of companies with stakes overseas lo.

Can anyone convince me otherwise about buying stocks from overseas exchanges?

Friday, 26 May 2017

I work best when my boss is not around

  • I can work at my 'own time, own pace' at researching, planning and implementing new projects, rather than having to keep fine-tuning things that are already in place.
  • I get motivated by stories and visions. Less so by money and in-between kind of power. Anyway since I am not doing sales, technically speaking, I have less 'rights' to ask for higher pay / monetary rewards.
  • Boss likes to micro-manage and correct things down to the details, so there are often draft after drafts.
  • Boss likes to change his mind frequently.
  • When I am stressed with too many little things (multi-tasking over stretched), my work efficiency drops as I will then 'forget things'.

People don't quit because of the job.
People quit because of the boss. 
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